Thursday, November 12, 2009

Angelica has a definition

What Is The Creative City?

Imaginary, visionary or original? These words all resonant a sense of creativityyet, how can we describe the creative city? Perhaps the Creative City can bestbe defined by examining the words separately. When I think of City I think of apopulated area with geographical boundaries. The core of cities tends to be morepopulated than its peripheries and perhaps these peripheries than creates a newcity. My perspective of city includes that of a polity as opposed to theattributes of the polity.Nevertheless, the word Creative, resonates a very unique and differentdefinition. Creativity comprises a type of innovation and explosion of diverseattributes, personalities and cultures. This can include the way in whichcertain institutions are developed, used and transformed within a city. Theinstitutions that make up for example, Toronto can include but is not limitedto: the government, various office buildings, the university, the hospital, themall and the transportation system. Yet, when we think of these institutionscreativity is bound to be apart of its inception. It is these different aspectsof a city that make it unique. Everything in Toronto is exactly what makes itcreative. Creativity encompasses a sense of inclusiveness and belongingness tosomething that is truly unexplainable. The inability to define creativity isexactly what makes something mystical and truly inspirational.

By: Angelica Radjenovic

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